Electronic Processing of Incoming Documents

InboxThe processing of incoming paper documents usually causes a high manual effort, especially the processing of incoming invoices.

  • Internal transportation of paper, authorization by several departments
  • Entering data into the ERP system

The business processes involved often are not transparent, time consuming and error-prone. This often results in extra cost like dunning fees and loss of cash discounts.

Karos Consulting has developed a pre-configured solution called "Karos Inbox" to process incoming paper documents in an automated way.

  • Scanning of incoming documents and automatic recognition of their content (invoices as well als other types of documents)
  • Electronic archiving of the scanned images and recognized data in any document management system
  • Comprehensive overview of all incoming documents to be processed in SAP in a central monitoring cockpit
  • Pre-configured SAP® Business Workflow for authorization and posting

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New Location !

Karos Consulting moved.

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